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Cheryl began her career as an interior designer, owning and operating her own successful design business while simultaneously supporting Jim in his ventures in the Beauty Industry.   Over time she took a more active role in Jim’s business ventures and eventually joined Jim full time in his last two company ventures. She is thrilled to join Jim once again to bring his vision to life with ColorProof Evolved Color Care.

Over the years the Markhams have supported countless charities including the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, and City of Hope, to name a few.  Most recently, Cheryl and Jim were honored with the City of Hope Spirit of Life® Award and raised over $1.3 million for City of Hope. Through ColorProof, the Markhams will continue to be benefactors of City of Hope, as well as support Paul Newman’s special charity, Hole in the Wall Gang and other worthy causes.  It is Cheryl’s personal goal to follow the path that her role model, Evelyn Lauder, so bravely and altruistically pioneered, and expand ColorProof’s outreach programs to improve thousands of lives worldwide.