ColorProof’s Ultra-Concentrated Formulas


A little goes a long way! Our proprietary formulas are developed to be two times more concentrated so you can use less while achieving superior product performance. To maximize your purchase, we recommend starting with a just a dime-size amount for the ultimate shampoo experience. Each 8.5 oz. shampoo delivers up to 68 applications per bottle!


1 bottle is equal to 2 bottles

ColorProof’s Unique Product Methodology

ColorProof utilizes a unique product development process that allows it to deliver best in class products, with the highest quality and newest ingredient technology for maximum color protection and hair that’s shiny, beautiful, vibrant, healthy and instantly youthful-looking.

The process starts by determining the desired performance and then selecting the very finest ingredients to deliver that performance, not limited by price. This is very different than most manufacturers who conceive a product in terms of its price point first, which limits the quality of ingredients that can be used. Products are not released until they are proven to exceed the performance of any other product in their category.

Product Methodology

Product Methodology

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

We are obsessed with excellence. We use only the finest, next generation, super luxury ingredients to deliver superior product performance that dramatically improves hair condition while maximizing color retention.

All color fades with time due to shampooing with harsh surfactants, heat styling and environmental factors such as exposure to UVA/UVB rays, which lessens the pigments deposited in hair causing fadeage and damage. ColorProof formulas resist fadeage and reverse damage by utilizing a proprietary combination of the newest technologically advanced ingredients fused together for unsurpassed performance including:


Breakthrough ingredients that together provide powerful full spectrum UVA/UVB color protection.


Not all sulfate-free shampoos are created equal. ColorProof shampoos rise above utilizing an exclusive blend of the newest, super premium surfactants to deliver the most gentle cleansing possible with an explosively billowy lather that rinses clean and provides 96% color retention.* The result is clean, healthy hair with exceptional color vibrancy.


A powerful blend of ingredients restore elasticity and tensile strength while adding exquisite shine, returning hair to its most youthful condition possible.


Revolutionary polymers shrink wrap hair for unsurpassed heat and color protection up to 450°.


Superior blend of proteins derived from potatoes and soybeans increase elasticity and tensile strength while repairing and restoring hair.


Provide natural conditioning to balance, nourish, and protect.

*Color retention after 10 washes using ColorProof Shampoo and Conditioner. Results may vary.

What’s Not in Our Products

All ColorProof products are formulated to deliver all of the good benefits, and none of the bad.

All Products are:

Sulfate-free | Salt-free

Gluten-free | Paraben-free

Phthalate-free | PABA-free

Carcinogen-free | MEA & DEA-free

Biodegradable formulas

Recyclable packaging wherever possible

100% vegan

Never tested on animals


The Proof is in the Results...

freshly color treated hair

freshly color
treated hair
freshly color treated hair

After 4 weeks
without colorproof
freshly color treated hair

After 4 weeks with
colorproof shampoo &
condition with cp
proprietary ingredient blend

Unsurpassed Hair Strength

Combing of the hair damages hair fibers, making them weaker and more prone to damage.  An independent research study proved that hair that was combed 10,000 times after using ColorProof Shampoo, Condition and Masque was 320% stronger and more resistant to breakage.

3.2 Times Greater Hair Strength

3.2 Times Greater Hair Strength

ColorProof Shampoo, Condition & Masque delivered 3.2 times greater hair strength, with greater combability and reduced breakage

Independent Research Test, 2/2012

Dramatic Smoothing and Defrizzing Results

ColorProof proprietary CrazySmooth formulas deliver unparalleled smoothing and defrizzing even in the most humid conditions.

65% Smoother and Less Frizz

65% Smoother and Less Frizz

Unsurpassed Curl Retention

An independent research study proved that ColorProof's proprietary formulas designed exclusively for naturally-curly color treated hair retained 84% of curl memory after combing 50 times.

84% Curl Retention

84% Curl Retention

Actual Results May Vary.