Anti-Diversion Commitment

ColorProof products are guaranteed only when offered through authorized licensed salons. Any ColorProof product sold outisde of authorized licensed salons (such as grocery stores, drug stores, discount chain stores, swap meets, etc.) is considered diverted and as such, may be subject to any number of risks including dilution, contamination, being over-aged or counterfit.

ColorProof is committed to stamping out diversion by requiring all authorized licensed salons and distributors to sign an agreement committing not to divert product or to sell product on the internet.

To ensure you are purchasing authentic ColorProof product from a reliable source, please check the ColorProof website Where to Buy section. By doing so, you are not only supporting your hairdresser, you are ensuring you are receiving authentic ColorProof formulas with superior next generation product performance, just as ColorProof intended.

Help us halt the unethical process of diversion by reporting any diversion to ColorProof, by completing the below form. The information will be held strictly confidential and will be used for the sole purpose of gathering additional information if needed.

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